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PC Repair Packages

We offer both on-site (your place of business or home) as well as off-site (you bring your computer(s) to us) service.

General Rates for On-Site Service

  • $75/hr. for Windows or general computer hardware troubleshooting, and networking.

Virus Removal Packages

Virus can be tricky to completely remove. Though we do our best to remove them (Basic package), the only way to be totally certain of their removal is to reinstall everything (Advanced package). In the advanced package, all of your data files will be brought into the fresh install, and any programs that you provide will be reinstalled as well.

 $75/hr on-site service or a Flat Rate $75 if work is done at our location

Advanced Packages - System Restore

Many times you remove the virus or spyware from a computer, the operating system is damaged from the after math of the infection. We always recommend doing a full system backup and restore to guarantee the computer is running like new and everything is working fast again. We keep your data for 15 days, reload programs, move data back over and load anti virus software.

Flat Rate $99 package is done at our location

Other Services 

  • $110 Flat Rate - Jack Replacement for a Laptop